KIRAYA London 5th Executive Members

1MrRom Prasad RaiChairman
2MrsBimla Kumari RaiVice-Chairman
3MrRajkumar RaiVice-Chairman
4MrsNawa Laxi Kumari RaiVice-Chairman
5MrPurushotam RaiSecretary
6MrSuman RaiTreasurer
7MrRamprasad RaiCo Secretary
8MrsSangita RaiCo Secretary
9MrKiran RaiCo Secretary
10MrsRenuka RaiCo Treasurer
11MrYojan RaiCo Treasurer
12MrsNilam RaiMember
13MrsNilam RaiMember
14MrsAnjana RaiMember
15MrSantosh RaiMember
16MrSunil RaiMember
17MrsShrijana RaiMember
18MrAnil RaiMember
19MrParasu Bantawa RaiMember
20MrSonahang RaiMember
21MrMilan RaiMember
22MrRamesh RaiMember


1MrsShanta Kala RaiMajor Advisor
2MrMohan RaiAdvisor
3MrTikadhan RaiAdvisor
4MrsChettrakala RaiAdvisor
5MrNarahang RaiAdvisor
6MrDayasagar RaiAdvisor
7MrNaresh Kangmang RaiAdvisor
8CaptMan Bahadur RaiAdvisor
9MrMugadhan RaiAdvisor
10MrHarkaram RaiAdvisor
11MrKhamba Singh RaiAdvisor
12MrBhusan RaiAdvisor

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